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pcdMagic converts Kodak Photo CD images into JPEG, TIFF or DNG files.

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pcdMagic 1.0.5

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OS Support: Mac OS X 10.5, Mac Other,

Version 1.0.5

Size 4Mb

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License: Demo

Date added: 03-10-2010

Last Update: 30-09-2010

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Publisher's description
pcdMagic converts Kodak Photo CD images into JPEG, TIFF or DNG files. It runs on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later on either Intel or PowerPC based systems.
If you have PCD format files and you want to see them looking the way they did when you took the photo, you need pcdMagic pcdMagic doesn\'t convert hundreds or thousands of different image formats - it converts just one format, the Kodak Photo CD format, exactly right, giving you your images back, just like you remember them.
pcdMagic doesn\'t blow highlights - most Photo CD conversion software blows highlights. pcdMagic just doesn\'t.
pcdMagic has specific color profiles by film type and scanner model - e.g., Kodachome scanned by a Kodak 4000 series scanner versus color negative on a Kodak 2000 series scanner.
pcdMagic has image sharpening that\'s specific to Photo CD images.
pcdMagic has advanced adaptive interpolation - conventional interpolation can result in unsightly artifacts in your images; pcdMagic\'s adaptive interpolation avoids this.
pcdMagic outputs to JPEG, TIFF or DNG. pcdMagic converts to your choice of output format, even archival level DNG files. And of course, properly color managed, so you get exactly the right color rendition when you view converted files in other applications.
pcdMagic converts any Photo CD file. pcdMagic handles all Photo CD files at maximum resolution, even 4096 × 6144 "64Base" Photo CD Pro files and the rare "Class three compression" files that other conversion program can\'t convert at full resolution.

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