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GoPC Backup (Windows 8)

Back up and clean up Windows based virtual machines.

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GoPC Backup (Windows 8) 2.8

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OS Support: Windows 8,

Version 2.8

Size 3.69Mb

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License: Freeware

Date added: 21-07-2013

Last Update: 02-07-2013

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Publisher's description
GoPC backup is a simple software utility for backing up virtual machines.
It backs up files from a virtual PC (running Windows) to its virtual machine host. It can also automatically copy each backup to network shares as well as any attached devices (eg. thumb drives). It can also clean up files older than a given number of days.
GoPC Backup is not limited to virtual machines. It can also backup and cleanup files on any Windows PC.
During a crisis, scrambling to assemble pieces of backups to restore can be harrowing. Having everything in one place really makes more sense. Have you heard about backups that were never tested until a system crash? Have you ever worried that your backup may fail to restore when you need it?
For these reasons GoPC Backup does full backups rather than incremental backups and it uses common ZIP files that can be verified anytime simply by opening them and browsing their contents. Any ZIP file software can browse and restore your backups. This means that you can easily restore individual files or all of them.
GoPC Backup creates date-named ZIP files. That way you can keep and review previous versions of your files as an archive.
This utility performs file backups and file cleanups in the background.
It also acts as its own scheduler. First, it checks for files to be removed on a given schedule. Then it runs a backup of your files automatically.
There is no need to use a job scheduler unless this software is running on a server computer that has no regular user activity.
You provide various file specifications (ie. locations of the files to backup and to cleanup) as well as file age limits for the files to cleanup. The rest is automatic.
GoPC Backup will run in the background unless its timer is turned off. The simple user interface (UI) is usually minimized to the system tray.

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